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Receive Load Rules Warning, But Error File Is Blank
February 01, 2014 · By Chris Chase ·

Load rules are often used to load large amounts of data into Essbase easily and quickly. When creating these load rules, there are many small things that can go wrong, and because of this, there is a log file that is created to show any kind of warnings or errors that occur when trying to run a load rule. When a load rule is executed, but something goes wrong, the log file will provide a reason for why the load rule did not run successfully. However, there is one instance when load rule status shows as “warning”, but the log file is completely blank. 

The picture above illustrates what a warning status looks like after a load rule is run. The status says warning, so our natural reaction is to investigate the log.

As you can see, our log is completely blank giving us no indication what so ever about what the issue could be. Before you go check on your rules file to make sure it is set up correctly, ask yourself this. Is there already data loaded into Essbase? Perhaps you have loaded some data to test it out before using your load rule. If that is the case, then that is most likely the cause of this warning. If the load rule is run, but the data in the rule is already loaded into Essbase, it will give you this warning message with nothing in your log. This blank log issue may cause people to go and mess with their rules file when everything is actually working fine which is why it is important to note that a warning will be given if data is already loaded.


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