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The Bean Consulting Group is an Oracle Gold Partner specializing in the design and customization of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions.

The Bean team brings deep experience in EPM and BI with a track record of delivering projects on-time and on-budget and providing exceptional client support.

With successful projects in healthcare, energy, retail, manufacturing and higher education our experienced consultants deliver value from design through user-acceptance.

Based in the Rocky Mountains we serve a national clientele with a business focused perspective ensuring our clients end up with powerful financial tools that deliver optimal ROI.

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  • The Bean Consulting Group is an Oracle Gold Partner Specialized in Hyperion EPM application design and management. Our consultants are certified by Oracle on the products they work with and bring deep Hyperion and industry experience to each engagement.

  • Our consultants have been selected from the ranks of business executives, administrators and planners with outstanding understanding of the technologies and tools to make enterprise performance management a reality.

  • We bring a disciplined project methodology to each engagement that promotes the voice of the customer-user to illuminate key project goals and requirements. Our team is dedicated to getting it right the first time which has led to successful implementations in the higher education, utility, healthcare, distribution and other sectors.

our skills

Successful EPM projects are so for a variety of reasons, but the key driver of success is rooted in seven basic characteristics of the implementation partner. The absence of any of these key skills can lead to a flawed design, botched implementation, and/or budget and timeline overruns:

expert advice

By Senior Planning Consultant

Customized business rules, variables, and menus can empower end-users while still maintaining governance over the budget. Calculation Manager, offers the components to create, deploy, and administer business rules and maximize the capabilities inherent in Hyperion Planning to solve business problems.  The following is a list of tips and tricks that will simplify the maintenancHere's some tips to simplify the administration of the various components associated with business rules in Calculation Manager…

1.  Create variables globally first, and then at the application, plan type, and, if necessary, the individual rule.  This will simplify any necessary maintenance on variables and help create consistency with nomenclature.

2.  Hide variables that represent Point-of-View (POV) dimensions from prompting the user for “Run on Save” business rules.  When a rule is assigned to multiple data forms, certain situations may require that some variables prompt the user for selection while others may create data issues and potential user error.

3.  Utilize all 4 different views available in Calculation Manager to help administer rules and other components.  The default view for Calculation Manager is “System View,” but there are three other views that can be useful when managing rules, and be accessed through the View menu options.

4.  Manage business rule security using folders, if possible.  How many times has an end-user complained that they cannot see a right-click menu or he or she does not receive prompts when saving a form.

Sr. Planning Consultant